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France - fact or fiction?


1. French people are rude - false! We thought the Italians were warm and friendly. Well, the French are certainly matching them.  They have been kind, generous and interested.  Our attempts at speaking French have been poor at best, yet despite this, the French people we have encountered have been patient, encouraging and laughed along with us, rather than at us.

2. French women do not get fat - false! There are as many ladies struggling with their weight in France as what there are everywhere else in the world. And trust me, when there is three aisles dedicated to cheese in a supermarket, you try staying wafer thin!

3. Dog poo reigns on the sidewalks - true! French people are definitely dog lovers. We have witnessed grown men pushing their dogs in a pram, carrying them in a basket and even in a handbag, a'la Paris Hilton! They do not however, consider picking up after their dogs as important, and instead it is a smelly obstacle on footpaths and lane ways.

4. French men are seducers - true! Last weekend I was (innocently) ordering drinks at a bar when a lovely looking French man whispered something hypnotically to me. I laughed in a daze of delight and then he went in for the pash. Surreal and quite flattering, although somewhat disturbing for the female bartender who went running out to Dave, screaming in panic. What a memory!

5. French drivers are crazy - false!  In fact all across Europe there is a sense of altruism on the roads that we probably miss in Australia. Driving seems to work well based on two simple rules: a) Get the hell out of the fast lane, and b) Be patient and flexible. At the end of the day medieval roads weren't designed with cars in mind so a bit of creative driving and calmness goes a long way.

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Hellooooo Bodhi! I am so sorry I haven't written - I lost your Blog and have now found it again so I will show the children your lovely photos and interstting things you have been up to. We love getting your postcards! On one day, we got 6 of them all in the one go! We have put them up in our make believe post office in the Home Corner.
It looks like you have been eating lots of delicious food, especially that big bowl of spaghetti in Italy.
It looks like you have been to a lot of interesting places.
We miss you at school. We have been talking about things we did when we were babies and have been bringing in baby photos and clothes we used to wear. We had 3 old ladies talk to us today about what they used to do when they were little in the olden days. We are having a special grandparents day next week and going on an excursion to the Alexander Library and Perth Museum.
We all miss you heaps! Seth is still pretending to be a spy and "sneaks" around the Pre-Primary looking for clues if someone has lost something(usually it's something I have lost).
There are 2 new children in ECE Red - boy and girl twins from England called Roxy and Tristan.
Zoe has a new baby brother (born 2 weeks ago) called Beau.
We miss you lots. I will show the children your Blog tomorrow. Lots of love from Mrs. Buckenara xox

by Jill Buckenara

Hello Bodhi,
I have been doing some farm writing and it was fun. From Phoebe
Dear Bodhi, I like to play with you. From Aidan
I like playing football with you. From Evie R.
Thank you for your postcards. from Daniel
Where did you get that little combi? My Dad has a Lego combi.From Jake
I have fun doing writing and playing with my friends. From Ethan
I have been jumping on my trampoline. From Kate
Thank you for sending the cards to us. From Bella
Dear Bodhi, I like playing with my best friends at school. From Charlotte
All our grandparents are going to come to school. From Seth
I've been learning how to write. From Declan
We have been doing writing. From Lauren
I had dinner with my Grandma. From Thomas
We have been writing in our News Books. From Abigail
Three old ladies came to visit us at school yesterday. From Sophie
We have Pre-Primary Power Rangers who check the lights in the classrooms. From Charles
I play with my friends outside. From Skye
We are starting to read and take home reading books. From Stella
We have been learning about when we were babies. From Zoe
Did you have a great time in Italy? From Josie
Thank you for giving us the postcards. From Ava
We've been doing Maths and tangrams. from Ella
How do you get this letter? From Angus
Thanks for the postcards. From Lara
Did you go on the London Eye? From Evie D.

by Jill Buckenara

Really enjoyed this entry, especially #4 haha!
The picture of the bus going through the tunnel makes me nervous; the bus driver was either very brave or completely mad...

by Joel-Renee

Love this French fact/fiction blog - especially the amorous Frenchman - but also thoroughly enjoyed reading the little messages to Bodhi from his school friends, just gorgeous!

by Mum

Hi I really really like France - fact or fiction!

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by aasia2215

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