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The Fanny Pack Dilemma

or the problem with bum bags!

Fanny pack sounds funny to us Australians but to Americans it’s as normal a term as rooting for your team. Haha, as if! Aussies know it as the money belt, or in the Tenni-Lane family – the bum bag!

Dave Tenni is the champion of the bum bag because if you know Dave, you know he is all about safety. Even at the cost of your personal vanity. So the Tenni-Lanes don’t just travel with any old money holder, we use the ‘travel safe.’ It’s black, bulky and boasts stainless steel mesh interwoven throughout with the capability of being locked in three different parts – the inner pouch, the external pouch and the body lock. Yes, the body lock!

I am hesitant to ask Dave to not “travel safe” as my own reputation for careless loss is on the record. Whenever I try to offer alternatives to the ‘travel safe’ with Dave, he reminds me of our time leaving Nah Trang, Vietnam when after complaining about having no responsibility, was given a sleeping bag. I looked after that sleeping bag with my life, for all of an hour, as when we were about to board our flight I realised, (in fact Dave noticed), I’d left it in the taxi. Luckily Bodhi speaks.

However, the embarrassment of the travel safe never really leaves the rest of us. It is uncomfortable waiting for Dave to unlock three times before paying. Vendors roll their eyes, thieves eye us up and it creates a ring of rash. However, safety conscious Dave does not agree and as I clearly can’t win this argument – I am asking you….

Bum bag…hot or not?
Or more seriously…bum bag or what?

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Less than one month to go...

yet still so much to do!


Well, here we are less than one month out from our 13 week trip around Europe. This long awaited adventure is about to be realised after many false starts and, some might say, crazy travel dreams. First up there were plans for a six month stint in India, travelling and living in both a commune and ashram however after short jaunts to third world countries, we realised that neither Bodhi or us were ready for that sort of inteprid travel yet.

So in denial about the reality of work commitments and financial sensibility we have decided to fund our own long service leave and enjoy the experience of a life time in Europe. Our inspiration for this journey came from our desire to take part in the Diamond Way Buddhism EC Summer Course in Germany in August plus the fact that our daughter, Renée and her boyfriend Joel, are over there having their own adventure and it sounded like fun to join them! Throw my parents, Brian and Lorraine, in to the mix and it's become a family reunion!

Therefore with only accomodation booked in a few key destinations and with the services of our yet unnamed Peugeot 308 as wheels, Europe is at our fingertips and the only thing stopping us is our imagination!

Now it is time to organise some travel insurance, practise packing and get all those work related tasks out of the way and then it is 11.12 all the way!

Toni :)

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